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 India’s No.1 academy based on number of   drivers trained  

  • Currently training 200+ drivers every year.

  • Competing in karting championships in the Asian, Middle Eastern and European regions.

  • Coaching drivers in Formula Car and Touring Car championships.



Rayomand Banajee

  • 8 Time National Formula Racing and Karting Champion

  • Lead Instructor - Jaguar India


Saurav Bandyopadhyay

● Vice Champion Volkswagen Championship 2018 and 2021
● Multiple Victories & podiums across: Karting, VW Polo Cup, VW Ameo Cup, Autocross

● Selected by VW to represent team India at the Sri Lanka Night Races

Jaguar certified Senior Instructor


Steve Hodges

● Speed TimesDrive Karting Challenge 2007 winner
● 3rd Overall: JK Tyre Junior Formula Cup

● Sponsored by Amaron in Formula Rolon 2007(India’s then highest level of racing)


Vishruth Sharma

● Multiple Podiums in Karting & Autocross
● Podium in Car Racing

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-29 at 2_16_11 PM.jpg

Abha Mankar

● Top 6 merc young driver program
● Top 10 - in a 1 in a Billion Hunt
● Multiple podiums in 2 stroke and 4 stroke karting 
● Jaguar instructor


Aditya Patnaik

  • Rotax Max National Championship currently running Top 4 in Rookie Season

  • Multiple Wins and Podiums in Indikarting Pro Karting Race

  • Red Bull Kart Fight 2021 Hyderabad Top Qualifier & 4th Overall in National Finals

  • Multiple Podiums in Indikarting Clash of Karts

  • Esports: Hyundai Global League Top Qualifier from India


Aditya Pawar

  • Multiple wins & podiums in Karting Championships & Autocross

  • Multiple podiums in VW Polo Cup, Vento Cup and Ameo Cup

  • Jaguar certified instructor


Ojas Surve

  • Red Bull Kart Fight 2021 National champion

  • 2 time overall winner of Indikarting Pro Karting Race

  • Runner up at the VW motorsport national championship selections in 2020

  • Multiple podiums and wins in Indikarting Clash of Karts

  • Esports : Represented India online at the FIA Asia Pacific Circuit Racing challenge

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