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  75 Laps of Karting  
• Basic understanding of a go-kart Correct seating position
• Track etiquette and behaviour Flags
• Equipment required to go Racing Structure of motorsport organisations

  Theory & Practical – Track familiarisation  
• Familiarisation laps.
• Steering the right way.
• The Fundamental Rules.
• What ‘lines’ are all about.
• Apex points, turn in points and exit points.

  Theory & Practical – Basics of driving  
• Braking techniques.
• Accelerating the right way.
• Marking of the line.

Basics curriculum

   DAY 1   

• Driving on the Marked Line.
• Faster on the Line.
• Perfecting the line.
• Differences between 4 stroke karts & 2 stroke Karts.
  Theory & Practical – Understanding karting better  
• Understanding how a kart behaves in a corner
• What slows you down?
• Evaluation of the days driving.


   DAY 2   

  Theory & Practical  
• What is understeer, what causes it & how it affects you.
• What is oversteer, what causes it & how it affects you.
• Track walk.
  Theory & Practical – Self Evaluation and Improvement  
• Removal of line markers from track
• Self - Evaluation of driving
• Importance of Consistency

• Evaluation of driving.


   End of Day 2   

• Event flow.
• Officials at a Race Weekend.
• Race starts: Standing starts and rolling starts.
• Racing etiquettes.
• Grievances and protests.
• Summary.
• How to proceed with a career in racing.
• Various options available on racing in India & Internationally.
• Answers to specific questions.
• How to apply for a racing license.

  Notes:   After each practical session, there will be an evaluation session of whether drivers have done as instructed. If not, what are the points that require specific attention and so on.


   Other Important Details   

  • Timings:   Start Time: 0900hrs | End Time : 1500hrs - 1730hrs  (Depending on rush at the track)
  • Dress code:   Full length jeans/pants, preferably tracks. Full sleeves t-shirt/shirt or a jacket. Proper closed shoes. Full fingered gloves are recommended but not compulsory.
  • Helmets:   You are welcome to bring your own. Helmets also available for free use at the venue.
  • Eligibility:   Ages 6 years to 60 years. In case any driver is unable to participate due to height / size restrictions, a full refund will be given.
  • Post Training:   Drivers completing this course are eligible for the Intermediate / Advanced courses at a later stage.
  • Certificates:   Presented on course completion.
  • For Guardians/Parents:   Parents can leave their children at the beginning of the program & collect them at the end of the program. They are also welcome to wait at the track.
  • Venue Details:   Ajmera IndiKarting, Ajmera I- Land, Opposite carnival Imax, Bhakti Park,Wadala, Mumbai 400037.

  • Location Contact:   88797 55701

  • Covid Protocol:   Click Here

  • Date Change Policy:   Click Here

Basics - Important details
Basics Gallery

   Rayo Racing Gallery   

   Rayo Racing Media Gallery   

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